Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Talyor a McDonald's All-American

Zags blog has reported news from that Taylor has been selected an McDonald's All-American. We all knew he had a very good shot at being selected but it is great seeing players that Pitt is bringing in get recognized. Adam Zagoria reported that rivals had leaked information that McDonald's had notified some guys of there selections early. Congratulations to Dante, and lets keep bringing in more like him. A bigger list can be seen on his website.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Harris as OC?

On Monday, a source told us that Matt Cavanuagh would leave immediately after the letters were in to take a job with the Jets. The source also said that Walt Harris would then take over the OC job at Pitt. Now, let me say that we don't know where the source gets his info from. Also, there have been times in the past when the sources "stories" have turned out to not come true. But some have come true as well. Now looking at this situation: the source was right and Cavanaugh left immediately after the letters were in. Therefore, I have to believe that the second part is going to to be more than just a possibility and Harris may actually take over as OC.

Reasons I see this as likely: Harris was the Coach under Pederson. They had an excellent relationship. Harris always had a great offensive mind. He also had an eye for skill position talent. Think of guys he brought in (Antonio Bryant, Larry Fitzgerald, Kris Wilson, Joe Flacco, Luke Getsy, Palko, Miree (from Alabama), Greg Lee, Rutherford). No doubt the guy has an eye for talent and for developing it. Therefore, I could see Pederson "suggesting" that Wanny hire Pederson. Harris is in the area and jobless. Not to many OC's that are as qualified as him sitting around waiting to be hired for reasonable cash.

Reasons I think its a good match: As mentioned above, Harris can do what Wanny can't, Harris can bring in QB's and develop QB's (Priestly and Gonzalez) to name a few. The major lacking under Cavanaugh, were : talented QB's, development of QB's, and creativity. These are all fields Harris excells in. Things lacking under Harris: toughness, good O-line, a good D-line. These are all things that Wanny has instilled and has developed. These two seem like a match made in heaven, but who knows if they will mesh if this happens. I believe it is a definate possibility.