Thursday, October 30, 2008

Why Start a Pitt Blog?

We here at Hail To Pitt have been dedicated followers of the Panthers for years. We have scoured the internet following the many dedicated blogs of Pitt fans throughout the country. All contributors have played four years of college football and understand the intricacies of the game. We understand what it takes to win and what leads to losses. Having been a player, one of the most frustrating things we have noticed is that many of the blogs suffer from "Chicken Little Syndrome"; after any loss the coach should be fired and the sky is falling. Instead of getting our heads inflated after a big win or big recruit commits to us or calling for the coaches or quarterbacks head after a loss; we choose to provide insightful analysis and discussions of what is really going on in the wins/losses and what the state of the program really is. If you're an angry fan who is calling for Wanny's head after every blown conversion, TD given up, and loss then this isn't the blog for you. That's not to say that coaches don't deserve some blame, they most certainly do, but let's be fair. Victories are the result of outstanding execution and game plan as a team and losses come from many not doing there jobs. We here at Hail to Pitt are passionate fans who live and die with the program. That being said, we encourage you to challenge our views and analysis and engage in an intelligent debate over the state of our beloved team. We hope you enjoy the blog.

Hail to PITT,
TJ and Yinzer

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