Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dumb Comment of the Week: Paul Harris

There is a proverb: Don't speak unless you can improve the silence.
Somebody needs to tell Paul Harris this. Tonight Pittsburgh turned in one of their less impressive offensive showings of the year with all the turnovers. Yet, inspite of this sloppy play the Panthers dominated the Orange by the games end. Which brings us to Paul Harris and his post game quote:

"Man I hope we play Pitt again,"
"I hope we get them in the Big East
tournament. We will beat them. I can
promise you that. We will beat them
the next time."

That is awful big talk from a team that got smacked in the mouth down the stretch. Mr. Harris I think you may have just made a few other people excited about a rematch, and they won't be wearing orange but rather blue and gold. I would be willing to bet my house that if the Panthers meet the Orange again that quote will be posted on every billboard in the locker room. So props to Paul, piss off a more talented team that already handled the Cuse with a less than impressive performance. (Not to mention, that Pitt has dominated Cuse over the past few seasons). This should come across as no surprise however after watching the game. Harris seemed more interested and well suited for a verbal battle than a basketball battle. His first half technical for jawing went quite well with his 9pt. 5 reb showing in 30 minutes of play. I actually didn't want to post this because I respected Harris more than any other Cuse player entering the game. You have to like the way he plays hard and boards. But, it seems Harris's mouth is bigger than his game at this point. He is not a player that is capable of taking a game over, and therefore should not be garunteeing a win. This is one of the dumber comments I've heard a player make, and it doesn't show a whole lot of sportsmanship not crediting the other team following a loss. Go Pitt!

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