Saturday, January 17, 2009

K for Krazy?

Sorry for the long delay between posts. We have been away over the holidays and didn't have the access to the computer to keep updated on posts.

Today at the half-time of the Syracuse ND game Coach K was on speaking about the strength of his league. Coach K suggested that the ACC is the most talented league in the country and acted as if it was ridiculous to think otherwise. Does the K in his name stand for Krazy? Coach K's sole argument was that the teams are experienced and they have 4 teams in the Top 10. Yes, Wake undefeated at number 2, Duke w/ one loss at number 3, Carolina w/ two losses at number 6(I don't agree with this after losing to BC who gets it handed to them by Harvard at home, then Miami, and then Wake) and Clemson at number 10 undefeated is impressive. I guess Coach K's argument is that the Big East only has three so the ACC is better. But lets look at this a little more. Does this Clemson season look similar to any past Clemson seasons too anyone else? They go undefeated, then they will lose to the big boys in the league (Carolina or Duke) and fall apart. Don't expect them to stay in the top 10 too long. Now Carolina, any other team would be crucified for a loss to BC at home. But not Carolina, in fact, they still received first place votes the week after??? Then they lose again at Wake and drop 3-4 slots down to 6th? Yes, Carolina is very good, and I don't doubt that they will be right near the top of the rankings at the end of the season...but in the past few games, I don't think they have been playing like a top 5 or maybe even top 10 team. I also love that Coach K sets his cut off at number 10, considering the Big East aside from having 3 in the top 10, has teams sititng at 12,13, and 14. And, would any team in the ACC really want to play Louisville who is number 20. This is a team that always starts slow, but by the end of the year Pitino has them running on all cylinders. So to review: The ACC has 4 teams in the top 10. Number 10 Clemson is almost a gauruntee to drop from the rankings in my book and maybe even drop from the top 15. This would leave Wake, UNC, and Duke as the ACC's lone representatives in the top 15. The Big East now has 3 teams in the top 10. In the top 15 there are 6 teams. I believe there is no way that Louisville will not eventually be a top 15 team. That would give the Big East 7 in the top 15 compared to 3 from the ACC. Some teams may beat each other up and drop that to 6 from the Big East. Still, the BE is much stronger than the ACC this year. I understand Coach K sticking up for his league, but right now the BE is much stronger because of its size and depth. If the BE were broken into two leagues and all of these teams didn't have to beat each other up I think you would see possibly more top 15 teams. Critics of the BE are going to give them crap when they beat each other up, but lets not kid oursevles, this is hands down the best league in the country. Hopefully, Georgetown can go out and stop this silliness by handing it to Duke today. But if they don't, don't grant the ACC supremecy, after all, Georgetown is the fourth best team in the BE (and Pitt hammered them at GU) and Duke is considered 2nd in the ACC by many.

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