Monday, January 19, 2009


The following post was written yesterday. Apparently I was wrong. Maybe the pollsters deserve a little more credit than I thought. I think that dropping to 4 in both polls is a fair drop.

I know the polls don't really mean a whole lot at this point, but I think when they come out today the Panthers will have dropped a significant amount. Save yourself the jaw popping anger seen above and prepare yourself for it. I am predicting the Panthers fall all the way to 6th and possibly 7th. They will drop behind Wake, Uconn, and Duke, almost assuredly. I'm sure they will also fall below Oklahoma and UNC. There is also a possibility that Syracuse passes them up. This should show us all how ridiculous the polls are and that we shouldn't even bother looking at them. What is worse? a road loss to Louisville, or a home loss to BC, a home loss to Cleveland State, and a road loss to Arkansas. I can deal with Wake, Duke and UCONN being vaulted above the Panthers. But I believe the losses of the other teams are far worse and don't merrit them jumping the panthers. So, do yourself a favor. When the polls come out today, don't even bother looking. Save yourself the anger. Go enjoy the game tonight and know that the Panthers will have lots of chances to prove themselves starting tonight.

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