Friday, December 19, 2008


Can everyone please stop complaining about Tyrell Biggs shooting the ball? Seriously. I have been very critical of Biggs over the last several years and have always been underwhelmed by his play. I always felt like he could be more physical, be a tougher defender and do a better job rebounding. This year, however, he looks to be improving and gaining confidence in himself. But to complain about him shooting the ball is ridiculous. Complain about his rebounding or maybe his lack of intensity, but not his shot selection. He is currently 8-15 from three-point land. Two things: first, he has only attempted 15 three-pointers this season. That isn't that many through 11 games for a guy who is playing the minutes he does. Second, the guy is shooting over 50%. Not only is that a simply outstanding percentage (I know he doesn't have that many attempts) but he leads the team in percentage right now. We should be thanking Biggs for boosting our putrid three-point shooting percentage. Additionally, if he can consistently be somewhat of a threat to shoot that shot not only does it make for a tough matchup, but it will pull defenders out and open up lanes for Young and the others. Your stroke looks great so far, keep shooting it, Tyrell.

And just saw that Fittipaldo agrees.

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  1. Couldn't agree more. Maybe people should start worrying more about Jermaine Dixon than Biggs