Wednesday, December 10, 2008

All Big East announced

It went kind of as I thought it would go. Brown is the offensive MVP, and McKillop the defensive. CJ Davis, Mccoy (unanimous), and Lee join Mckillop on the first team.
- second team surprise: Aaron Berry at DB? interesting. I think AB can be a good player if he gets his head on, but this year he did struggle many times. I guess the coaches saw differently. Maybe he is a better player than people have been thinking.
- Romeus also a second team guy.

- I really was hoping McCoy would win the Offensive MVP. Yes, Brown is a good player, but UCONN was not a very good team. Every other award in America your team needs to win for you to win. Example (Larry Fitzgerald losing the Heisman to Jason White). But Brown is a heck of a runner and props to him for what he did with that horrendous quarterbacking.
- I am surprised that Mick Williams and Jabal Sheard did not receive any mention. The havoc that both of these guys created week in week out was impressive. Especially Williams, as a DT you usually don't see guys making as many plays as him. I think both of these guys have potential to be 1st teamers next year. I also think Greg Williams if he progresses more could be an all league player. I love his speed and the way he flies to the ball.
- Overall the awards mean nothing but they are nice. It is good for Scott to go out as the D player of the year. Shady is clearly the most talented player in the league at this point, I believe that will be justified whenever he decides to go on to the NFL.

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