Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Texas QB has Pitt on top of his list

Kolby Gray a 6 foot 2 inch 182 lb. Quaterback from Cypress Falls High School of Houston Texas has put Pitt on the top of his list. I don't have a rivals password but from what I can see in the little info they give, Gray has Pitt at number one after a visit from Phil Bennet. Gray apparently is going to choose overall between Pitt and Utah but right now says Pitt is number one. If anyone has more info that'd be great to hear.

Thoughts: Gray seems to fill a void that many Panther fans have had an issue with. That issue is that our QB's that can throw the ball lack mobility, and those that can run, lack a passing attack. Gray looks like a kid that could grow into an excellent QB, that can buy time in the pocket and make throws. Check out his youtube highlights, just search his name. He looks pretty darn athletic and looks to be a tough physical kid. Also ESPN has evaluated Kolby: You can find there evaluation here: along with highlights.
Basically, they seem to think the kid looks better every time they watch him. They say he can really develop into a special player, even though he is a little raw right now. Rivals lists him as a 4.48 40 yard dash. I know high schoolers often exaggerate their times, but if a QB lists that high, he must at least be mobile enough to escape a rush. Also, on his video he looks plain fast. I'm excited about this kid and hope the Panthers can lock him up.

Some other important thoughts:
- Phil Bennett is recruiting him. Pitt has long had a hand in Florida. Under Harris they recruited heavily there, and under Wanny they are continuiung that trend. Bennett really gives them another fertile recruiting area to exploit. This is huge because Texas, much like Florida, has so much talent that it can't all be taken by the large schools. Many times, diamonds in the rough type players can be found in these states. See Antonio Bryant. Hopefulyl Bennett can stay around and open a solid pipeline in Texas. (The Panthers have also recently pulled 2 hoops recruits from Texas, so hopefully Pitt is becoming better known in the state. Playing a bowl game there can't hurt either).
- Second: This kid also had offers from Utah, Boise St., and Vanderbilt. When I think of these three programs I typically think of strong QB play. These schools seem to be good evaluators of talent in that area. So again, I really hope that Pitt can lock this kid up.


  1. Is this kid a senior in high school now? I thought we weren't recruiting any QB's in this class.

    It would be great to start recruiting Texas more heavily though. I always wondered why we never really did. There is certainly a wealth of talent there.

  2. Class of 2009, yes.
    Why would they not recruit a QB? You need at least one in every class in case of injuries, players kicked out, transfers etc.

  3. Well that's great news. I just wasn't aware of any offers or interest from legitimate prospects.

  4. I'm excited about this kid.. He can move well but seems like he looks to pass first. He can sit in the pocket and throw the ball and if he needs to he can hurt you with his feet. Junior year he threw for 3,335 yards, 32 tds and only 5 picks. His coach said they lost all of their big players after that season so his senior year he had to make up for the loss of receivers with his feet. He passed for over 1,500 yards and rushed for over 1,000. He is 6'2 1/2 and 190 pounds, but his coach said he will grow.

    "You can tell that he's going to grow into a big quarterback," Raffield said. "His dad grew big after high school and his dad and his uncles are all 6'4" or so. I think Kolby can get there, too.

    "He's already grown almost two inches in the past year and he's probably going to play at 215 or 220 by his sophomore year of college. His upside is just huge physically, and he's a spectacular athlete. He's been timed in the low 4.5's several times, and coaches love his athleticism."

    His coach also said he will almost definitely commit when he visits Pitt in January. I agree it would be tremendous if Pitt could start bringing in some talent from the Lone Star State.
    Hail to Pitt!

  5. Pat Bostick to the SidelinesDecember 10, 2008 at 2:42 PM

    I like the video. He looks pretty good, pretty athletic. Makes plays. The only thing I couldn't tell from the tiny video was his armstrength. I like recruiting this kid though.