Saturday, December 6, 2008

What to watch: Pitt vs. UCONN

3. Brown and McCoy
A lot has been made about these to backs going head to head. Even though they are on opposite sides of the ball, you can bet they both want to stake their claim as the best RB in the BE. They should be fun to watch considering these may be the two best backs in the nation (although both were snubbed from the Doak Walker award final list).

2. Can Bennett exorcise another team that haunted Rhodes:
Phil Bennett has proved that he could do something Paul Rhodes couldn't: His defense shut down navy. Bennett's group also put together a great showing vs. WVU, which Rhodes finally did in his last year as well. UCONN has haunted the panthers the past fewyears. I think Bennett will have the guys ready to go today.

1. Bill Stull
For Panther fans all eyes will be on Stull. He has been under heat recently, however, I think most people believe he is the only option right now. One thing that we know is Stull is a tough kid. I think he'll bounce back today, but it will be interesting to watch.

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