Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pitt out on Cheek Sweepstakes

I think everyone knew this was going to come. Cheek is down to Kansas and Nova. O well, good luck to Cheek. I really think coming to a school like Pitt would be a great choice for any wing player. Sam Young is going to depart freeing up many shots. There is no real go to player on the outside and that role could be filled by a freshman. The shots will be open and the lanes will as well because I see a lot of teams focusing on defending Blair and Taylor next year. Another thought: It seems Pitt has this stigma that it can't get guys to the NBA. High School kids seem to be caught up in this. The truth is, NBA scouts will see you wherever you go. Especially at Pitt, which is constantly in the media and has been the top program in the best league in the country. Pitt has 5 out of the last 9 players named most-improved by the Big East. That means they are developing talent. Once Young and Blair are in the league I think this stigma will start to disappear. The reason Pitt hasn't gotten guys to NBA is they haven't had NBA talent. But they do a great job of developing players and their skills. Look for Pitt to put the full court press on DeAndre Kane to lock up a shooting guard to complete the class. This could be more difficult now that Connecticut is involved. Hopefully, Blair can swing his old teammate to the Panthers.


  1. Good luck to Dom Cheek. No question he will be a terrific player and make some fans very happy. Nova has really locked up some incredible talent, but personally I think Cheek will end up in Kansas.. Although some major programs have entered the Kane sweepstakes I still think he will be at Pitt. I remember seeing an interview with him last year and he said "Pitt is my squad, they are going to be very tough to beat for me." Hopefully that still remains true.

  2. Cheek commits to Nova... That gives nova a pretty absurd 2009 class. Maalik Wayns (5 star, #4 PG), Mouphtaou Yarou (5 star, #5 PF), Isaiah Armwood (4 star, #18 PF), and Dom Cheek (5 star, #6 SG). Jay Wright's suits are really paying off.

  3. Jay Wright is a great recruiter but poor developer of talent. Scottie Reynolds a 4star top 100 recruit seems to have gotten worse in since his freshman year. Fisher a 5 star recruit doesn't seemed to have improved his game and was supposed to be an all everything player. Stokes another all everything 5star recruit can shoot the ball....other than that his game hasn't developed. Plus, Malcolm Grant, probably the most talented of all the players left. Maybe he saw the writing on the walls? People like to refer to Nova as Guard U....How long until its known as the place talented guards go to flounder?