Saturday, November 8, 2008

17-0 Pitt at the Half

Not a bad first half. Huge plays on special teams as Pitt has recovered two muffed punts by L'ville. McCoy and Howlings are having a tough time finding holes and the offensive line needs to make some adjustments and step up in the second half. Looks like Louisville is going to let us throw the football, and several different receivers have already touched the football with big plays coming from Baldwin and Turner. We threw the ball well in the first half, but can still improve by making some big plays over the middle of the field.

The defense has been stellar and the defensive line has come up with a sack and batted down several balls already. We've also done a good job defending L'ville's wide receivers for the most part.

We get the ball coming out in the second half and it would be great to see the Panthers sustain a long drive and open up a 24 point lead.

Let's go Pitt!

Also, the commentators on the half-time show are wondering the same thing most of you are on the Aundre Wright run: Where exactly was the hold????

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