Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pitt-Cinci Wrap Up

Well yesterday's loss to the Bearcats of Cincinnati was incredibly disappointing. I'm not sure what really went wrong, its hard to point at one thing. Give Cinci credit. They are a talented team that is playing with an unbelievably high level of confidence right now and playing at home was a huge boost.

The Panthers just seemed off all night, with the exception of their opening drive. Penalties, dropped balls, overthrown receivers, defensive miscues and some bad luck plagued Pitt and they were never really able to recover.

Anyway, this is no time for Pitt to hang its head. We have a huge game coming up this Friday against the Mountaineers and a win would mean a lot to the fans and to this team. Hope to see everyone there next Friday.

Hail to Pitt!


  1. This loss was disappointing to say the least. I try week after week to give this secondary another chance but the fact is they are terrible. They don't know what they are doing out there. They are now 61st in pass defense. That is simply not a BCS worthy defense. The good news is there are some young talented DBs that could make a big difference when they are ready to take the field.

  2. who are our good young db's?

  3. Buddy Jackson is a redshirt freshman CB. He is a freak athlete. At 6' tall he consistently runs a sub 4.4 and has a 42'' vertical. He has some injuries that have held him back this season but should burst on to the scene next season. There are also three true freshman CBs, Antwuan Reed, Jarred Holley and Ronald Hobby who have been very impressive. Also keep in mind Elijah Fields is only a sophomore and I think he will be a tremendous player