Friday, November 21, 2008

What a shame

Well, it looks like that Duke, UCLA final game in the Coaches vs. Cancer classic isn't going to happen. So, they should have included Pitt in the field as I said in a post yesterday morning. That would have made a much better final matchup because the Panthers, and not the Michigan Wolverines would be in the final game. Michigan upset UCLA to advance to the championship. I watched the entire game and can say that even if UCLA would have won, a Duke UCLA final would not have been great. UCLA looked awful in the game. Collison and Holliday are good players, but the inside presence is completely lacking. UCLA is not even close to a top 10 team and tonight didn't even look like they deserved a spot in the top 25. So far, Pitt looks really good in comparison to some of the other top teams I have seen play. They have a pretty complete team.
In other news: Seton Hall, picked to finish 13th or 14th in the Big East this year, upset number 20 USC. The Big East is looking good.

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