Saturday, November 1, 2008

First half update

Wow...tough first half.
As we've said before Pitt's success this year depends on Billy Stull.
The good thing is it is still a game.
Although, with the offensive state right now, unless they'd decide to play Stull I don't know that Pitt can score two TD's.
For anyone who has questioned Stull this year, I hope you now realize that he is a good player and good manager of the offense.
Bostick and Smith have not progressed much and both look like Division III quarterbacks.
Pitt would be in much better shape had it not been for "luck" as Charlie Weis said at halftime. The tip play simply was luck going the Irish's way.
I believe Malecki went down as well, or one of the lineman on the last Bostick pick. Pitt needs to make better decisions with the ball because these picks are costing them linemen.

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