Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hoops Recruiting

Amongst the great FB games this weekend (the demolishing of Louisville, the PSU loss, and the WVU loss) it was hard to focus on anything but football. However, there has been some recruiting news in basketball to report. Apparently, 5-star recruit Dominic Cheek skipped out on his visit to Pitt this weekend. This is really unfortunate because it was a great weekend to be a Panther fan with all that went on. I know the Oakland Zoo had something special planned for Mr. Cheek and hoped to pull off some magic (a la LeSean McCoy checking his name off the box). The good news is that according to his associate head coach Cheek still plans to visit Pitt. The bad news: the coach says it may not be until spring, making this visit seem much less likely. Cheek already moved the visit once and now canceled it. It seems that someone may be whispering in his ear as he has recently added a Rutgers visit, and backed out twice on Pitt. This really is a shame because Cheek would fit in great at Pitt. Hopefully Cheek keeps his word and gives the Panthers a fair shot, because he would be a great addition to an already outstanding class.

In other hoops recruiting news Durand Scott is still deciding between Pitt, UCONN, and Miami. He could decide very soon although Chris Dokish believes Scott is leaning toward Miami. Hopeuflly the Panthers can swing one of these players to complete a tremendous class.


  1. That really would be a shame if one of these guys didn't end up at Pitt. First of all, I think Coach Dixon gets more out of his players than any coach in the country. Now that he is starting to get some big-time talent watch the NBA players start to pile up from Pittsburgh. Sam Young's transformation under Dixon truly has been incredible. Second, why in the hell are kids looking at Rutgers? Not only is it a bad basketball program with a below average facility, but its coach has done nothing of note and the city its in is terrible. Strange...

  2. I think its pretty safe to say Cheek is out of the picture as well. A root canal? Give me a break. That sounds like an excuse my mom gave for me when I didn't feel like going to basketball camp in 7th grade. Yet he still has a visit to Memphis and he has suddenly scheduled a visit to Rutgers? Its safe to remove Cheek from the board and move on to the next guard who it appears will be Deandre Kane. I know Kane wants to be at Pitt, it is just a question now of whether he can qualify academically.