Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'll be back! Shady to return for 2009 season!

Paul Zeise reports Shady to RETURN for his junior season. We couldn't be more thrilled to hear this news. What a great kid and tremendous player. EVERYONE involved with Pitt is thrilled and relieved that LeSean McCoy will be on campus next season.

This news obviously puts Pitt at the top of most peoples' lists to win the Big East next year and McCoy will undoubtedly be on the short list of Heisman favorites for 2009.

This is great for the University of Pittsburgh. To have a great kid like LeSean who says all the right things and works so hard means a lot to this program. With a healthy and more experienced Bill Stull, standout WR Jonathan Baldwin, a more mature defense, and the surprise return of McCoy 2009 should be looking up for the Panthers.

Let's GO PITT!

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  1. i think that was the best news I've ever received in my life. I just pray he doesn't change his mind at the end of the year. With him returning and most of the o-line returning there is no limit to how good this offense could be. Who will fill the lone vacancy on the o-line? Chris Jacobson or Lucas Nix?