Saturday, November 1, 2008

Comeback Kids!

How bout them Panthers!!!
Suggestion for the rest of the season for Steve Pederson. Mr. Pederson please call all of the teams on the remainder of the schedule and move the games to their stadiums. This team is tough on the road.

I am very proud to be a fan of this team because of how they fight. They have some serious character. I was worried at the end of the half but they just made it happen when they had to. It wasn't always pretty, but good teams find ways to win games.

Examples of character:
- Aaron Berry, who struggled last game, and many times in this game, came up with a huge 3rd down pass breakup forcing the last series.
- Pat Bostick, although Bostick struggled and made several devastating pics. He made the huge fourth down fade pass to Baldwin.
- The defensive line- Last week, they didn't really cause much havoc in the backfield. Today, they pressured Clausen the entire day. It was more impressive that this was with only three and four man rushes. They have some non-stop motors.

That was a great win to get while giving Billy Stull a week of rest. Like they said he was cleared to play but it was good to give him a week without hitting. He will be ready to go for Louisville I am sure. It is obvious that this team will need him to win against some of the better teams on the remainder of the schedule. With him running the show I think the Panthers would have beat ND by at least 20, the offense is a different monster when he is in there. Congrats, to all of the guys, they played a great game, great D in the overtime, and they deserved the win.

Oh ya, McCoy is incredible, but we already knew that. Before the game the NBC announcers said that he was not known by many around the country. Well, I am sure that the Irish fans all know who he is.


  1. Great win...tough kids, can't wait to see Stull back

  2. with Stull running the show today I think we win by 20some. Regardless, good hard fought win on the road.

  3. What a game.. These kids toughness and heart continue to amaze me. McCoy and McKillop had the national stage and performed at the highest possible level. No doubt the Panthers will now be back in the top 25 with USF, Oregon and UConn all falling. Congratulations to Conor Lee who notched his first career game winning field goal. Now for my problems with the game, and there are only two. I can't wrap my head around why Greg Cross didn't see the field this week. Why bring a JUCO QB in specifically for his ability to run the Wildcat offense, then line Pat Bostick out wide when they run the Wildcat. Was anyone on ND's defense really thinking "I better keep an eye on 19?" Luckily they had no answer for it anyways, but having Cross on the field would have opened things up even more. My second issue is Oderick Turner. He drops balls and is constantly jogging. If he doesn't want to be on the field I know T.J Porter wouldn't mind the extra reps. On the plus side I agree they would have won by at least 2 scores if Bill Stull was in the game. A terrible performance by Pat Bostick but he made some big throws including the 4th down TD to Baldwin and the 37 yard play to Porter. That was an incredible game and I expect to see many more like it as the Panthers and Irish are signed to play at least through the 2014 season.

  4. I agree, Turner has been rather inconsistent throughout the entire season and for that matter his career. Although I have to give him credit in making one of the biggest plays of the game when he slipped a tackle and nearly took a short route for a touchdown setting up a TD. I think Turner's PT has significantly decreased overall and so have the balls that have gone his way. The younger wideouts seem to be passing him up. As far as Greg Cross, I thought we might see him at some point to open up the run game a little, especially with the lack of a real passing threat. I think we would have seen him in the second half actually, but then the offense began to click a little bit. The coaching staff probably didn't want to mess with it much because Bostick finally got in at least some what of a rhythm and they were moving the ball. After messing with the QB'ing in the first half and seeing the awful results, I think they just figured they better stick with one guy and let him feel comfortable.