Wednesday, November 19, 2008

If this is true it's a shame.

Eric Devendorf is being investigated for allegedly hitting a woman. The woman claims that Devendorf hit her in the face with a closed fist. This means a punch so I am not sure why it doesn't say this. The report says that people were kicking her car and yelling at her. The victim claims to have recognized 5 SU hoops players involved. Now, the woman claims to have been Devendorf's Myspace friend, which seems kind of strange. It will be interesting how this plays out.

- If this is true, it is kind of disheartening that this is the kind of kid the NCAA decides to dish out an extra year to. Mike Cook was denied a year based on 'strictly numbers'. I don't know the specifics but Devendorf was granted an extra year with something like one less game than Cook. I also believe that Devendorf had played too many games based on the number but was granted eligibility anyways. It's sad that the NCAA would screw a good kid like Cook and give Devendorf another year.


  1. The rules on redshirting require that the extra year not be awarded to anyone playing in 30% or more of a team's games that season. Regular season tournaments are not counted as individual games (they somehow all count as one or two games) and the BE Tournament is all one game. Postseason tournaments don't count at all. Even if SU played in no regular season tournaments last year, they went 19-13 in games that fit that bill, so that would be 32 games. He played in 10 games. 10/32 = 0.3125. Thus, he played in too many.

  2. Here's the SU explanation for why he could still get a redshirt:

  3. Thanks for the good info. I thought I remembered Devendorf playing over the limit. I was surprised Pitt never tried any legal action to get Cook eligible, especially after Devendorf was allowed another year.